Pay Vendors Via Virtual Card

If your organization pays vendors via virtual card, you may configure the payment settings on the Vendors tab.

On the Vendors tab, find the desired vendor, click the More (three dots) button, and select Payment Settings.

VC - Payment Settings.png

By default, all virtual card payments are single-use cards that can only be authorized by the vendor once for the exact amount of the total payment. However, if necessary, individual vendors can be configured to allow multiple authorizations when accepting virtual card payments.

Use the Virtual Card Authorization Mode drop-down to select the vendor's required method of authorization, then click Confirm.

  • Default: The single-authorization configuration is assigned to all existing and new vendors by default.

  • Penny: Vendors may authorize the card for any amount (e.g., when penny authorization is required before taking the balance of the payment on a second authorization).

  • Smallest Invoice: Vendors may authorize the card for any amount equal to or greater than the value of the smallest invoice paid in a given payment.

  • Quickbooks Limit: Quickbooks limits authorizations to $100,000, preventing any payment on single-use cards for greater than $100,000. This setting allows vendors to take payments in $100,000 chunks when using Quickbooks.

VC - Modes.png


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