Credit Memos

If your organization has unused credit memos, they will appear on the Emburse Pay Home screen in the Available Credits section, below Invoices & Payments.

AC - Memos.png

Apply Available Credits

Credits may be applied to payments whenever your organization pays an invoice for a vendor with unused credit memos. Applicable credits are shown on the Payment Summary screen, beneath the positive-value invoice(s) for that vendor.

To apply credits, check the box next to each credit.

AC - Apply Credit.png

Combine Credits With Discounts

Because Emburse Pay supports credit memos and invoice discounts simultaneously, credits are applied after early-pay discounts are applied.

  • Example: $100 invoice with a $10 credit and a 2% discount
    • Apply credit only: Payment will be $90
    • Apply discount only: Payment will be $98
    • Apply both: Payment will be ($100 * 0.98) - $10 = $88

For Virtual Card authorizations, credits are not considered as the lowest value invoices if the Smallest Invoice authorization setting is applied on a payment.

  • Example: $100 invoice, $50 invoice, $10 credit

Using the Smallest Invoice setting will create a payment with a minimum authorization parameter of $50 (not -$10).

To activate the Smallest Invoice authorization mode for virtual cards, navigate to the Vendors tab, find the desired vendor, click the More (three dots) button, and use the Virtual Card Authorization Mode drop-down to select Smallest Invoice.

AC - Smallest Invoice.png


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