Pay B2B Invoices

To pay one or more invoices, navigate to the Ready to Pay tab, check the boxes on the left of the desired invoices, and click the blue Pay Selected button.

  • Mark As Paid Offline: Move invoices to the History tab when they have been paid outside of Emburse Pay (i.e., by check or another offline method).
  • Hold Payment: Move invoices from the Ready to Pay tab to the On Hold tab until they are paid. See below for more details.


Alternatively, you may click the Pay button on the far right of any individual invoice. The three dots icon gives you access to Mark As Paid Offline and Hold Payment for that invoice.


  • If you select multiple invoices for the same vendor, these will be paid in a single check. 
  • If you need to provide a vendor with separate checks for each invoice, select each invoice individually and click Pay. Wait 30 seconds before you select and pay the next invoice to ensure each is paid with its own check number.

On the Payment Summary screen, you will see the total amount of the payments you are about to release and a list of those payments.

Click any vendor name to see more information on the invoice(s) about to be paid.



If your organization has activated the ability to apply vendor terms to invoices, you will see the discount date and amount listed. Click the check box to apply the discount to your payment.



Click Confirm to release the payment(s). You will see a Payment Submitted confirmation screen, and the invoices will move to the Pending Payments tab on the Emburse Pay Dashboard. When they are complete, they will move to the History tab.


Hold Payment

To hold an invoice for future payment, select it on the Ready to Pay tab and click Hold Payment to move it to the On Hold tab.



On the Confirm Payment Hold screen, you may add a note to indicate why the invoice was placed on hold.

  • Notes may be searched in the search bar and are visible by hovering over the Release button.



Clicking Release will move the invoice back to the Ready to Pay tab.


Stop Payment

Mailed checks that have been stopped with the issuing bank maybe marked as Stopped in Emburse Pay. This allows the invoice to become Ready to Pay again and should only be used once your bank has confirmed a stop order on the check.

  • Note: Marking a payment as Stopped in Emburse Pay does not change the status of invoices in Chrome River INVOICE or Certify AP. Those invoices will continue to be shown as “Paid” with the original check number. If the invoice is paid again by check, a new check will be printed and mailed. The new check number will be accessible within Emburse Pay, exports, and reports generated by Wex.

1. On the History tab, find the payment in the list, click the More (three dots) button, and select Mark As Stopped.

SC - Mark.png

2. On the confirmation pop-up, click Mark As Stopped.

SC - Confirm.png

3. The status of the payment will change from“Mailed” to “Stopped,” and the invoice will return to the Ready to Pay tab.

SC - Ready.png


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