Getting Started With Emburse Pay

Emburse Pay allows your organization to issue payments for invoices that have been processed, approved, and exported from an AP automation system like Certify AP or Chrome River Invoice.

Payments can be made by virtual card, bank transfer (ACH), or physical check to any vendor in the United States. The Emburse Pay Dashboard allows you to see invoices that are ready to pay, on hold, in progress, and completed. It also allows displays information about which vendors are set up to be paid through Emburse Pay and which accounts are used to fund payments, and which users have access to the Pay system.

There are four fundamental steps to any payment:

  1. Setting up a vendor to be paid by a certain method
  2. Exporting an approved invoice for payment
  3. Issuing the payment and monitoring its status
  4. Reconciling the invoice payment once complete

Accessing Emburse Pay

Emburse Pay can only be accessed through the Emburse Invoice/AP solution your organization uses to provide invoices to the Pay platform (i.e., Chrome River Invoice, Certify, or Certify AP) .

This access is granted by assigning users roles that allow them access to Emburse Pay without logging in to a new system. No separate username or password is required—Emburse Pay can only be accessed by users who click the link made available to them via permissions inside Chrome River, Certify, or Certify AP.


  Required Role/Permission Navigation to Pay
Chrome River Invoice Treasurer Navigation menu > B2B Payments
Certify AP Accounting Review

Home tab > Invoices in Emburse Pay

If you do not see these options to access Pay, check with your administrator to request that the relevant permissions be added to your account.


Vendors in Emburse Pay

To pay a vendor, your organization must be an Emburse Pay customer and the vendor must be configured to be paid through the Pay platform within the AP solution (Chrome River Invoice or Certify AP).

Certify AP

In Certify AP, the vendor must have one of the following payment methods to appear in Emburse Pay:

  • Payments - Electronic (ACH)
  • Payments - Check
  • Payments - Virtual Card to appear in Pay

Chrome River Invoice

In Chrome River Invoice, the specific vendor address must be configured to receive Card, Check or ACH payments using the dropdown in the Payments section.



  • Vendors set to receive virtual card payments must have an accurate email address to which the virtual card remittance will be delivered.
  • Vendors set to receive ACH payments must have accurate account and routing numbers.
    • Make sure that the routing number is correct and capable of routing ACH payments. US routing numbers must be nine digits.
  • Vendors set to receive checks must have an accurate physical address to which the envelope containing the check will be delivered.
  • A phone number and email address are generally required for all vendors due to payment regulations in California.

If your vendor is configured to be paid through Emburse Pay but does not appear on the Vendors tab in Emburse Pay, they may fail to meet these validation requirements.



Real-time information about payments completed through Emburse Pay is available in the Pay application and in Chrome River or Certify, where it may be exported as needed.

Emburse works with your organization during Pay implementation to configure automated reporting. If you require additional reporting, please contact support via the Chrome River Help Desk or Certify Help Center.


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