Navigating Emburse Pay

The Emburse Pay Dashboard allows you to issue B2B payments once an invoice has been approved and exported in an AP automation system like Chrome River Invoice or Certify. When you click the B2B Payments link inside Chrome River or the Pay link Certify, the Emburse Pay Dashboard will open in a new window or tab on your browser.



The Home tab is the Emburse Pay Dashboard. Use the Gear icon to access the Product Configurations screen to view information and settings related to your organization's Emburse Pay account, including Payment Accounts.

MP - Home.png


The Vendors tab allows you to manage the suppliers you can pay via Emburse Pay. See Manage Vendors for complete details.MP - Vendors Tab.png



The People tab allows you to manage your organization's Emburse Pay users.

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  • Total Due Today: The total amount of all invoices due today
  • Ready for Payment: The total amount of all invoices ready for payment
  • Submitted for Payment: The total amount of all invoices pending payment


Invoices & Payments

Ready to Pay

The Ready to Pay tab is displayed by default to show you outstanding invoices at a glance. Use the search box to find a specific invoice, or click on the filter drop-downs across the top to narrow the list.


If you don't see a particular invoice on the Ready to Pay tab, make sure

  • The invoice has been approved and exported.
  • The invoice vendor record has a Payment Mode selected.
  • The invoice is not on hold.

Returned Invoices

Invoices that have been paid but returned to the Ready to Pay tab are indicated with a red dot on the corner of the Pay button. Hover over the button to see details of previous payments in a pop-up.

Returned Indicator.png

Payments are generally returned for one of the following reasons:

  • The payment failed.
  • The payment was canceled by your organization.
  • The virtual card expired because the vendor did not take the payment.

For complete details on paying invoices, see Pay B2B Invoices.


To download a .csv file containing the invoices on the Ready to Pay tab, click Export. A pop-up will allow you to filter the data to be exported by Payment Method and Invoice Date.

N - Ready Pay Export.png

On Hold

Invoices that have been put on hold will display in the On Hold tab instead of the Ready to Pay tab while they are waiting to be paid. See Pay B2B Invoices for details.

Pending Payments

The Pending Payments tab displays all the invoices that are currently processing.


Virtual Card payments may be canceled from the Pending Payments tab, unless they have been authorized by the vendor who received the payment. Click the More (three dots) button and select Cancel Payment.

N - Cancel Pymt.png


In the pop-up, click Confirm. The associated invoice will be returned to the Ready to Pay tab.

N - Cancel Confirm.png


The History tab displays all the payments that have finished processing and their status.

  • "Offline" indicates invoices that were paid outside of Emburse Pay.
  • Failed payments will appear in the History tab and the Pending Payments tab to allow you to resubmit them.


Payment Details

On the History tab, click the More (three dots) button on any payment to view its Payment Details.

MP - Access Payment Deets.png

The Payment Details screen shows information about payments that have been submitted or completed, including the amount, any discounts or credits, the name of the person who initiated payment for that invoice, the date the payment was completed, and the email address on file for the vendor.

MP - Payment Deets.png


Click Export on the History tab to download a .csv file containing a list of invoice payments and details of those payments (e.g., when they were executed and what the status of the payment is). A pop-up will allow you to filter the data to be exported by Payment Status, Payment Method, and Payment Creation Date.

N - History Export.png

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